Paper Industry

CartotecnicaThe most important activity of the company is the production of coated (with PE) and laminated (with HD film) food paper that are also used in large-scale retail trade.


Using the reels produced in the paper mill, the paper industry division provides the matching, the printing and the resizing of paper. In particular, Alcart can print up to 4 colors and can realize any kind of paper format at a wide range of weights.


The resulting product has a very good print quality as well as a perfect paring with food film that provides the suitability for "food-contact".








The final product is directly sold in to the customer with custom printing, packed in cartons or in shrink wrap film.


Thanks to high quality, flexibility, customer care and strong synergies deriving from the integration of the paper mill and the paper industry we have ensured that our products are among the most popular in all European countries and beyond.


Alcart products are currently sold in Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Holland and all around the Mediterranean countries.