Produced Papers

The typologies of paper directly produced by Alcart are articulated into the following qualities:

  • C;
  • R;
  • Extra;
  • Grigio Perla (Pearl Grey);
  • Paglia (Straw);
  • Politenata (Coated with PE).


Generally there are two kinds of printing requirements:

  • continuous;
  • centered.


Alcart can print up to 4 colors having no restrictions on the typology of formats.

  • C Quality

    is a type of paper whose major feature is price competitiveness. In fact, it is very cheap although it is useful both for the end customer and as support for subsequent matching or coating. This quality is available in:

    weights ranging from 60 to 500 grams;
    heights up to 240 cm for the rolls.

    The final product (laminated paper or polythened, printed and cut to shape) has no production limits related to the desired format and to the printing up to a maximum of four colors (both continuous and centered).

    Qualità C
  • R Quality

    is doubtless the most popular paper of Alcart’s production and the most requested by our customers. It combines two key features that each product must ensure:
    a very competitive price;
    consistent and always high quality.

    About the available weights and heights, the prints applicable, the sizes and colors it follows the same requirements of C quality.

    Qualità R
  • Extra Quality

    represents the best quality type of paper produced. In fact, it is characterized by a degree of whiteness of 85/100 and a considerable resistance due to a careful selection of waste paper.
    Even the extra, like the R and C can be sold in rolls or used as a carrier for the production of laminated or polythened paper.

    Apply the same requirements listed above about sizes, prints and the rolls’ characteristics.

    Qualità Extra
  • Polythened Quality

    differs from laminated paper about the kind of food film extrusion applied. In fact, while the latter is produced using “cold” film gluing, the polythened is manufactured through a “hot” process that leads to a different application of the film.

    Also this typology is available in rolls or shapes, white or printed in all the required formats.


    Qualità Politenata
  • Avana/Grigio Perla Quality

    is instead a kind of production intended for a different market than food packaging and in particular for the industrial packaging. In fact, it is mostly used by companies operating in the aluminum industry or, generally, in metal industry.

    It combines an excellent competitive pricing coupled with a great resistance degree.

    It is generally sold in rolls with the following characteristics:
    weights from 60 to 90 grams;
    heights up to 240 cm.

    Qualità Avana/Grigio Perla
  • Paglia Quality

    is a special kind of paper used in the catering sector. In fact, it is very suitable for clubs, pubs, restaurants and hotels because of its characteristics (it is generally used as a tablecloth or placemat).

    It is generally sold cut although it’s also available in rolls:
    weights from 60 to 100 grams;
    heights up to 240 cm.

    It's also available polythened and laminated.

    Qualità Paglia