Paper Mill

CartieraThe paper machine, with a light of 240 cm and a speed up to 400 m/min), is able to produce different typologies of paper whilst ensuring a high quality product. Using only recycled paper Alcart’s production environmental impact of is almost nonexistent.

The main variables on which the different kinds of products depend are the following:

  • color (papers with different degrees of white and “avana” brown papers used also for industrial purposes);
  • weight (in g/m2).



Another important feature of the paper produced by Alcart is an excellent aptitude for printing due to the paper’s own nature.


The reels are produced and used for internal working in the paper industry and as well sold directly to end users. Produced papers have different degrees of white, even superior to 85/100, and can also be used as carriers for the production of coated (with PE) and laminated (with HD film) paper.


The business flexibility and the high technology process that characterize the company allow the acheivement of productions covering a wide range of weights (up to 500 g/m2) and heights (up to 240 cm).


Alcart pays constant attention to the selection of waste paper used for recycling. The waste papers, crucial for the quality of the final products, are purchased both on the Italian and the international markets.