Alcart started its business in Naples in 1941.  It operated and developed there until 1990 when it moved to Isola del Liri (Fr) for logistical and dimensional needs.

It is a leader in food paper production, processing and marketing.

The company has a long familiar tradition and the current ownership has created a flexible reality, paying attention to technological developments and mantaing a strong focus on individual customer needs.

In particular, the production and the processing of  food paper are based on the use of recycled paper ensuring that the environmental impact is virtually nonexistent.

The business goal has always been to achieve excellence in quality. Objective achieved over time by combining several factors such as experience, attention to details, the continuous product and process innovations and the constant care of the service.


Alcart SRL


Alcart is structured into two distingeshed but often related plants:

  • the paper mill (assigned to the recycling and the production of paper);
  • the paper industry (assigned to the matching, the printing and the processing of the reels produced in the paper mill).


The excellence points of the company are:

  • a careful and accurate selection of raw materials;
  • ongoing investments in research and development;
  • a strong focus on client’s needs addressed to the establishment of a deep connection and to the supply of a customized service;
  • an helpful and well prepared human capital equiped with the appropriate knowledge and a fifty years experience;
  • a continuous optimization and innovation of the production processes and of the products range;
  • an operational flexibility that allows the fulfilling of all the various needs of paper packing;
  • deep knowledge of most of the markets in Europe and all around the Mediterranean basin.