Alcart SRL


The Alleva family began working in the paper industry in 1941 in Naples by initiative of the “Commendatore” Domenico that could count upon the collaboration of his sons Salvatore and Raimondo. In the mid-50s, after working so far only as merchants (collaborating, among others, with the newspaper Il Mattino) they implanted a paper industry with avantgarde papermaking machinery. Within a few years they became a reference point for the whole south-central Italy.

In 1963 Salvatore’s premature death and Domenico’s advanced age left Raimondo alone. The latter, fascinated by the world of production, gradually left the paper industry, to run from 1963 to 1978 a paper mill that produced brown and yellow¬† "camoscino" paper. In 1979, in collaboration with his sons Domenico, Salvatore and, lately, Antonio, he went back to the business of paper indusrty. Within a few years Alcart became one of the most important companies in Italy for the production of laminated paper for food. The final breakthrough was in 1990 when the production and the administration were moved to Isola del Liri (Fr). After the moving, Alleva Brothers managed the former "Cartiera Trito" and then, in 1995, they acquired the former "Cartiera Viscogliosi", where the company still operates. The production site was completely renovated refurbishing the building and introducing technological innovations. The synergy resulting from the combination of activities related to both paper mill and paper industry, a cutting-edge technology and production system and above all the fifty-year experience and the knowledge of the paper market allowed Alcart to establish itself as a worldwide industry leader. In fact, in recent years, particularly since the early years of the third millennium, Alcart’s activity it’s been characterized by a strong international component with a particular reference to the nearby Mediterranean. In 2005 the company got trough to a strong expansion of its production sites. The expansion was put to use in order to improve the company logistics, innovate the product and process lines and also to respond more effectively and efficiently to the growing needs of the market. In this way the company reached new segments of the industry also registering a rising customer loyalty.

Currently Alcart is one of the market leaders in the production, processing and marketing of packaging paper, delivering its products throughout Europe and the Mediterranean basin.